In this section you will find everything you need to know about applying for a place on one of Summer School courses.

Before you apply, please read through this section - especially our application process page - to get a full understanding of the process and payment schedule. 

Before starting your application, we recommended you visit our Terms and Conditions page where you can get a full overview of everything present in this section. We also recommend that you look through the course pages and ensure you are 100% committed to your chosen course before completing your online registration form and making your pre-payment.

Once you have registered, we’ll start processing your application, when we will assess your suitability and check availability for your course. If there is a course place available, then we will assign you to your preferred accommodation.* You will then receive confirmation of your application, course placement and accommodation details.



Course choice

Reserve - Please select your second choice in the event your first choice isn't available



Application Deadline

The Summer School has no application deadline: however, to avoid disappointment, if you are interested in studying with us then we advise that you apply as soon as possible.

If you wish to be allocated a place during our first allocation round, please ensure that your completed application is received no later than March 31.

Please note that if you are interested in applying to either Business in the Arts or one of our ExperienceED opportunities then you are strongly advised to ensure that your application is submitted by March due to high levels of interest in these programmes.


Early Bird and Partner offers

A limited early bird offer - a 10% discount on the package tuition fee component - is available to students who submit their application and deposit before 31 January 2017. 

A 15% early bird discount on tuition fees is available for students from valued partner institutions. After the early bird period, a 10% discount on tuition fees will be available.


*Accommodation is only guaranteed until 31 March 2017. If you apply after this date, we will try our best to find you accommodation but this may not be available.