Course themes

Our brand new course programme groups our courses into five themes, giving you the chance to develop your skills and knowledge, broaden your international experience, and capitalise on our city's inimitable opportunities.

Many courses give you the chance to explore subjects from a multidisciplinary perspective and you can either study one or more courses, based on the dates available in the course timetable. You can even mix and match across themes.

We offer a range of credit and non-credit options. You can find out more about the credit system on our Courses and Fees page.


Experience our capital, Scotland’s festival city

These courses give you the chance to make the most of the unique location, history, and connections of the University and its surroundings.

Analyse the biggest issues we are facing today

These courses give you the opportunity to explore and work towards solutions to challenges that impact us the most on a personal and global scale.

Enhance your critical skills and employability

These courses are the perfect opportunity to  develop practical, applicable skills and approaches for your future career.

Join the global community

These courses give you the chance to explore a range of cultures, countries, and communities and increase your global citizenship.

Encounter fresh topics and learning styles

These courses are perfect if you'd like to be introduced to new topics, methods of study, or innovative multidisciplinary approaches