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More than just a castle

Edinburgh is a melting pot of historical sites, architectural styles, and cultural influences. From the medieval Old Town – home to Edinburgh Castle, St Giles Cathedral, John Knox House and hundreds of other Edinburgh landmarks – to the avenues of the Neo-Classical New Town, almost every stage of architectural history is represented within our city.

Edinburgh: 5 ways it changed the Scottish Enlightenment

Edinburgh in the 18th and 19th centuries was a fascinating place to say the least. The ideas, books, and discoveries that came to light in this scholarly city still have an impact on us today. To give just a small example of how our wee city changed the world, we’ve put together a list of five ways Edinburgh's ideas and inhabitants influenced this key historical period. 

Why Edinburgh is the perfect pre-university destination

Choosing where to attend university can be an overwhelming decision. Even deciding if you want to attend can be difficult. As university study is completely different from what you’ve experienced before, you may need some help recognising what is most important to you – is it the teaching style, campus atmosphere, or the opportunities that the location provides?