Summer in Edinburgh

Join us for a summer of opportunities in Edinburgh.

It has been said that Edinburgh is a city that is the size of a town, which feels like a village. But don't let our compact size fool you! Very few places are as exciting as Edinburgh during the summer months.

Studying at the University of Edinburgh Summer School is the perfect way to enjoy one of the world's most unique cities. Our varied social programme lets you experience the best of the city, while our class schedules give plenty of opportunity to explore Edinburgh. You could even opt for an extra few days here to truly immerse yourself in the culture, history, and vibrant atmosphere that Edinburgh has to offer.

In the summer, you'll enjoy the city at the height of its festival calendar, absorb new influences, and meet like-minded people from around the world as you embrace our exciting and enchanting city. When you join us for the Summer School you will have the opportunity to get involved with and enjoy some of the city’s finest festivals alongside your studies. If you join us in August, you will have the amazing opportunity to see the Edinburgh Fringe - the world's largest arts festival - in action. 

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