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Bespoke Programmes

The Summer School is dedicated to offering premier academic programmes and courses that deliver stimulating and innovative learning for our students. We are very open to suggestions from other international institutions that may wish to host or co-host tailored Summer School courses or continuing professional development (CPD) courses at the University of Edinburgh.

There is the option to adapt one of our existing courses, adjusting time, length, and content to meet the needs of your group. Or, we can work with you to create a new course to suit your group’s development requirements. If you prefer, we are happy to host programmes led by faculty from your own institution.

We can help you design a tailored package which can include academic tuition, accommodation, field trips, and site visits, as well as an organised social programme. A wide range of subjects taught by specialist lecturers is available.

Outside of the classroom, optional social activities can be added so that your group can enjoy the beautiful and vibrant city of Edinburgh. There is scope to have activities tailored solely to the needs and specifications of your group or to get involved with shared activities alongside other Summer School courses.

Examples of courses include:

  • Partnering with CUBEL Culture & Education Liaison Ltd and JESIE to create bespoke courses in Western Arts and European Business for a group of students from China.
  • A two-week continuing professional development course in Primary Education, in partnership with the University of Edinburgh’s Moray House of Education.
  • Hosting a faculty-led programme from a US institution in Business Law, with expert contributions from a University of Edinburgh academic.

If you would like to inquire about creating a tailored course, please complete our Tailored Course Request Form  and email it to us at:

Tailored Course Request Form

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